Global Security | Protection, Security and Risk Countermeasures
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Protection, Security and Risk Countermeasures

GlobeSec partners with the very best security professionals and affiliates around the globe from our vast network of contacts.


What we do:

GlobeSec provides comprehensive, reliable services to companies and their employees, families and social contacts. GlobeSec personnel work with major companies in Canada and abroad, government agencies and foreign embassies, at risk and high net worth individuals – everyone from entertainment industry celebrities to your next door neighbour.

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Close Protection

Close Protection

Executive Protection

Security Training

Security Training

Security Training

GlobeSec liaises with client representatives, law enforcement and the intelligence community to determine the best security plan to fit any given situation.

Beginning with reconnaissance, security audits and threat risk assessments, GlobeSec coordinates every aspect of individual and group security needs, including:

  • Security detail
  • Close protection
  • Safe transport and escort
  • Evacuation and emergency response contingency plans
  • Security standards at event venues
  • Surveillance and investigations

GlobeSec provides personal protection for individuals or groups, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a touring delegation, an individual in a high-risk occupation, or a VIP attending a public event, GlobeSec has the personnel and the expertise to protect your people.

GlobeSec’s diverse staff are fluent in a variety of languages, and maintain a strong team culture based on mutual trust and reliability. State of the art communications technology provides an underlying network that facilitates immediate choices and directives.

Each of the Close Protection Operatives employed by GlobeSec is trained and experienced at the project management level and fully capable of stepping in at the highest level of decision-making when required.

GlobeSec delivers seminars and workshops for employee groups, travel delegations and at-risk individuals. Topics include:

  • Personal Safety
  • Security Awareness
  • Non-Lethal Force Options
  • Travel Security Awareness
  • Active Shooter Survival
  • Terrorism
  • Survival in Jungle/Desert/City
  • Kidnap Avoidance/Survival
  • Field/Trauma First Aid
  • Kidnap and Interrogation Exercises

Click here for training course details.

Executive Services

Threat Risk Assessments for any event, trip, meeting or social occasion, domestic or abroad, are a GlobeSec specialty. As part of pre-trip planning, GlobeSec can conduct a security audit on your hotel or other home-away-from-home when you travel for business or pleasure.

Event Security

Whether your people are attending or hosting, GlobeSec offers event security. GlobeSec can make your social media, company AGM, or family event safer and more secure, beginning at the planning phase and carrying through with onsite surveillance and close protection operatives.


A GlobeSec driver can pick you up and drop you off at the airport, a special event or a meeting – same face, same vehicle – while you relax in safety and security. If you don’t need a ride but your valuable assets do, GlobeSec can provide secure pick-up and drop-off of your possessions.

Home Security

GlobeSec can audit your home security system. Through scheduled and random inspections, GlobeSec can keep tabs on your property in your absence, from perimeter checks to mail collection and hot water and furnace monitoring. GlobeSec can manage and oversee upgrades, repairs and maintenance, managing the best providers in the city. GlobeSec will even look after your family while you’re away, as the first point of contact for non-police emergency or the watchful eye on your teenagers. When your family travels with you, GlobeSec can protect them, too.

Valet and Concierge Services

GlobeSec’s domestic and international contacts can facilitate just about anything, from booking special holidays, and dinners to picking up your dry cleaning. Shopping, sight-seeing, errands – GlobeSec can help.

 Our Team

Tim has over twenty years’ experience in the private investigation and security sector, having worked for some of the most prolific private security companies in the world. Tim carries a Security Consulting License issued by the Province of British Columbia, and as Principal Consultant for GlobeSec Advisors, Tim is heavily involved in day to day operations.

Tim Slater

Principal Advisor

Matthew is GlobeSec’s operations manager and brings experience in planning, developing and overseeing security operations, drawing from a vast experience gained from the Canadian Armed Forces and the private sector. Matthew oversees all vehicular and technical capabilities.

Matthew Carvalho

Operations Manager

Jessica’s background crosses many genres including work in television and film to private sector security. Jessica is constantly upgrading her skillset with courses including firearms handling, emergency first aid, and scuba diving. Jessica will soon be leading operations teams and managing projects.

Jessica Freebairn

Security Advisor

Hillary comes to us from the television and film industry and has extensive customer service experience. She currently leads our client experience team and her subject matter expertise is applied to our confidential security projects.

Hillary Young

Security Advisor

Carlos is fluent in English, Spanish and French. He has worked in many different countries amongst various cultures while working in a lead role. He specializes in Close Protection and Executive Services, while coordinating all aspects of travel security.

Carlos Villasana

Security Advisor

Cassandra has nearly completed her degree in criminology and adds diverse job experiences to her growing private sector security expertise. Having served in a managerial role prior to joining our team, she will oversee our HUMINT (human intelligence) activities.

Cassandra Byron

Security Advisor

Jason’s operational experience in the Canadian Armed Forces includes both domestic and overseas operations. With a private sector background spanning from PMC work to diplomatic protection, Jason adds gritty, real- world experience to the team.

Jason Stewart

Security Advisor

Yuri is fluent in English, French, Serbian and Croatian. In addition to a long and distinguished career in the Canadian Armed Forces, Yuri served as a Private Military Contractor. Yuri now operates Three Coast K-9 Inc., which provides K-9 services across North America. Yuri runs all our operations that take us to the US.

Yuri Miljevic-Laroche

Security Advisor

Contact Us

Send us a message with any questions or concerns, and we’ll get back to you with answers as soon as we can.

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