Executive Protection and Close Protection

  • Executive Protection and Close protection
  • Discreet and Confidential Security Services
  • Comfortable and Secure Transport
  • Covert Protection
  • Residential Protection
  • Traveller Tracking
  • Valet and Concierge
  • Emergency Protection and Emergency Evacuation

Executive Services

Our priority for our executive services is to minimize risk and create a professional, safe, comfortable and discreet environment to give you peace of mind while in our care. Whether you are part of a touring delegation, an individual in a high-risk occupation, or a VIP attending a public event, GlobeSec has the personnel and the expertise to protect your people. We provide a complete range executive services with discretion, loyalty and confidentiality.

Our team of security advisors analyze all aspects of your business, event, travel or personal security needs. GlobeSec’s diverse staff are fluent in a variety of languages, and maintain a strong team culture based on mutual trust and reliability. We provide security drivers, vehicles along with a security plan based on your specific requirements so you can meet your objectives safely and conveniently as possible.

Executive Services and Close Protection:

  • Executive transport: comfortable and secure while understanding that discretion and integrity are crucial.
  • Close protection and covert protection: while you are at home or on the road we have you covered.
  • Residential Protection: provide you with the peace of mind that you and your family will be safe while at home or on the road.
  • Concierge : time is your greatest asset and we can save you time by performing routine or specialized tasks such as errands, hotel and accommodation assistance, meal reservations or picking your children up from school.

Secure Travel Services:

  • Threat assessment: perform an analysis based on each area you are visiting.
  • Intelligence monitoring: keeping an eye on the changing political, environmental and socio-economic changes.
  • Security updates: provided before departure and while you are there.
  • Security briefing: review security best practices when travelling to higher risk places.
  • Traffic and route analysis: best route and alternate route planning.
  • Emergency service: in the unlikely case of an emergency, we also provide emergency protection services to ensure your personal security. These emergency services are available on short notice to deal with evacuations and other crisis situations.

We prioritize productivity and ensure security so you can work efficiently with peace of mind. Please contact our team and we can develop a safe travel service package for your people.

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