COVID-19 Countermeasures

As a risk mitigation company, we know that our clients rely on us to meet the challenges that COVID-19 presents. The most current and trusted medical sources review and revise our policies and practices. Some of the services we currently provide include:

Travel Safety Training

  • We provide methods and practices to reduce risks for essential business-related travel, to help businesses function within current travel guidelines.

Safe Materials and Equipment Delivery

  • Our licensed and bonded security professionals provide discreet and secure delivery options for transporting materials and equipment between your company office and your home office.
  • We disinfect and sterilize our vehicles and equipment to clinical standards established by the Provincial Health Authority.

Back to Office Safety Training

  • Educating everybody in the office about the latest and safest procedures makes for a safer work environment. We provide virtual training in understanding and mitigating risks associated with returning to the workplace.

Emergency Response for Symptomatic Person in the Workplace

  • We work with our clients to formulate a response plan should a staff member become symptomatic during the workday.
  • Our emergency response team is capable of responding to a variety of situations, including isolating and transporting the individual to the appropriate location, according to the severity of the symptoms.
  • Our response team equipment includes full HAZMAT gear that provides protection in any situation.

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