Training Courses

Active Shooter

Currently the act of terrorism you are most likely to experience in North America is an active shooter scenario. GlobeSec has created a 45-minute course based on extensive case study research, and training with the NYPD, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, and ASIS. This candid course delivers practical instruction on what an individual should do to increase their chances of survival in this situation.

Personal Safety

Everyone faces the challenge of staying safe in today’s changing and dynamic world. Mitigation strategies evolve to match evolving threats and risks. GlobeSec can tailor a course to your specific situation and environment, and deliver it to the people who matter to you.

Security Awareness

Learn how to be more aware of your surroundings, and how to recognize threats and risks. GlobeSec experts teach you how professionals assess risk quickly and precisely, and then decide on a course of action. Leave the course knowing how to recognize when a threatening situation is escalating, and what to do about it.

Travel Security

Whether you are taking a family vacation or a business trip, GlobeSec can advise you on the threats and risks associated with your destination. With a professional network in many different countries, GlobeSec knows what not to do and where not to go in any particular place around the world.

Non-Lethal Force options

Learn how to protect yourself from harm and survive a violent encounter. GlobeSec’s courses are created by subject matter experts who can deliver information in a classroom or hands-on interactive lessons in self-defense and use of force with expert trainers in the gym.


Terrorist groups, their methods and their activities are always changing. For additional travel security, GlobeSec can bring you up to date on what terrorist activity is happening and where.

Survival in Specific Environments

Whether you are in the desert, the jungle, or a city after a disaster, you could find yourself in a situation requiring survival skills specific to the setting. GlobeSec subject matter experts can teach you how to survive anywhere. Classes are delivered through classroom sessions as well as field trips and practical exercises.

Kidnap Avoidance/Survival

GlobeSec has specialized in delivering Kidnap and Ransom Training (KRT) for eight years in many different countries. Sessions are purpose designed and tailored to specific locations and threats. Topics combine aspects of other GlobeSec courses, and apply them to a kidnapping situation. Training focuses on what to expect, how to behave, and what to do to increase your chances of survival. This course culminates with a dynamic, energetic kidnap exercise to teach your body what to expect and remain resilient in an actual kidnapping. GlobeSec teaches mental and physical methods to react and survive in the event of a kidnapping and a rescue.

Field Trauma and First Aid

Not all situations happen when there is a first aid kit and a medic around. GlobeSec experts train people how to be helpful in an emergency first aid situation, using everyday objects or whatever is available at the time. You can learn to make a difference to someone’s survival in an accident or violent encounter.

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