GlobeSec Marine

Many situations that need security are where the water meets the land, in the form of installations, marinas, and waterborne projects. GlobeSec has a solution to these delicate and often hard to address environments.

We have licensed operators trained to patrol the water close to situations where shore patrols don’t have effective access. GlobeSec Marine can approach a situation from the water and deploy ashore or remain the waterborne element in a tactical environment.

GlobeSec Marine can respond to alarms from watercraft, patrol crime risk areas, or transport delicate documents/materials and people to remote areas where on-water access makes the most sense.

Onboard event recording and communications equipment maintains an evidence gathering and storage environment to ensure nothing is missed, evidence is not compromised, and accuracy of recollection is maintained.

Our operators are certified in Marine First Aid, Marine Safety at Sea (including cold water emersion), and are capable of assisting in waterborne emergencies with state of the art craft and equipment.

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